Vision & Mission


Your Preferred Investment and Financial Plan

In a new era where technologies are developing at an unprecedented pace, new trends can affect the growth potential of every corporation in the world. Hence, it is vital for corporate development strategies to keep up with the times such that these businesses can maintain their growth path. PHILOMAXCAP has faith in the potential of industrial technology and financial holdings with a goal to build a financing platform that meets all our investors’ demands.

In the Right Place at the Right Time

Our management experts, investors communities, financial experts, and marketing experts from Europe, America, and Asia, have wide-reaching networks in both Europe and Asia. This is further amplified by Germany’s position as the EU’s financial centre. With these advantages, we will bridge the economic and technological gap between Europe and Asia, promoting the development of recycled energy and new energy economies. Starting with our European presence, PHILOMAXCAP will pave the way for cross-border advanced technological developments.


A People-oriented Approach based on Fresh Momentum, Hospitality, and Sincerity

Ever-changing scientific and technological developments allow people to improve their standards of living to a great extent, as it goes hand in hand with economic- and personal development. PHILOMAXCAP’s mission is to improve people’s lives whilst safeguarding the global environment, helping people to live rich, happy, healthy, and safe lives.

PHILOMAXCAP targets emerging businesses (whether it is renewable energy, green house planting, new agricultural development, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, or new medical technology) that are tasked to improve people’s quality of life. PHILOMAXCAP continues to improve, persevere, and achieve goals as well as realise all expectations of shareholders, clients, employees, and all other members of society.

We aim to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with top-quality professional services. We too strengthen our competitive edge and brand credibility with innovative concepts and brand-new technologies.

PHILOMAXCAP is a committed corporate citizen devoted to social responsibility through transparency, cooperation, recognition of its partners, and excellent returns to shareholders.

PHILOMAXCAP collaborates closely with individuals who are capable, responsible, and committed to shaping the future by adding value and improving the quality of life.