Management Board

Mr. Achim Pfeffer

Managing Board

About Mr. Achim Pfeffer

Mr. Achim Pfeffer is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in private equity, business development, and leadership. With an extensive network and years of experience, he has made significant contributions to numerous organizations across various industries.

Currently, Mr. Pfeffer serves as the CEO of Philomaxcap AG, a prestigious position he has held since July 2023. Prior to his role as CEO, he amassed a wealth of experience and accomplishments, which have shaped his expertise and leadership abilities.

As a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Apaneo Capital Partners AG, Mr. Pfeffer specialized in private equity investments and services. During his tenure, he developed and implemented investment and business strategies, effectively managed M&A transactions, and supported post-merger integration processes. He successfully led more than 10 investments and transactions in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland, with a focus on SMEs in special situations.

Before his involvement with Apaneo Capital Partners AG, Mr. Pfeffer held key positions in portfolio companies of a private equity investment group. Notably, as the Chief Executive Officer of Film House Germany AG, he oversaw the implementation of a buy-and-build approach in the movie industry, acquiring and investing in three independent film production companies and engaging in joint ventures. His leadership led to the successful coordination of financing and production for international feature movie projects totaling €100 million.

During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of FIHM Fonds und Immobilien Holding München AG, Mr. Pfeffer spearheaded the financial and organizational restructuring of the publicly listed real estate group. He realigned and rebranded the group, acquired a property manager, and conceived a new fund with a €100 million real estate portfolio. His expertise in shareholder relations and investor relations further enhanced the group's performance.

Throughout his career, Mr. Pfeffer has demonstrated his ability to navigate complex business landscapes and drive transformative change. His entrepreneurial mindset, strong analytical skills, and authentic communication have proven invaluable in engaging with shareholders, stakeholders, and international corporates.

Mr. Pfeffer's exceptional track record and dedication to driving growth make him a highly sought-after leader in the business world. With his appointment as CEO of Philomaxcap AG, he brings his wealth of experience and strategic acumen to lead the company towards continued success.

Last updated: June 30th, 2023