Renewable Energy Business

One of PHILOMAXCAP’s core businesses is that of renewable energy, a field that has attracted global attention and has a significant impact on worldwide economic development. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as a consequence of our world’s shortage of natural energy resources. Renewable energy has an extensive range of applications and has gradually become a primary focus of power production, accounting for 10.3% of global power generation in 2015 and exhibiting increasingly strong growth each year. Thus far, more than 1 million buildings in Germany have been transformed into small green power plants. Users can store their generated electricity surplus for self-use during periods of higher electricity prices and enjoy green power at the same time, but may also sell this electricity surplus to a centralised power grid.

PHILOMAXCAP’s renewable energy business raises environmental awareness and contributes to achieving global sustainability goals. It also creates new business opportunities stimulating economic growth, reduces energy costs in the production and manufacturing industry, and increases the competitiveness of various businesses. Hydrogen energy is globally recognised as the clean energy with the highest development potential in the 21st century and provides a future-focused solution to the current energy crisis.

The ‘new energy economy’ is both a network economy and an energy mechanism. Investing in the development of a new energy economy is PHILOMAXCAP’s most preferred and primary business focus. We aim to influence the direction of innovation, build a consumer-based ecological network and deliver energy that is cleaner, more cost-effective and more accessible to people, hereby shaping our world’s future.