Corporate Identity

PHILOMAXCAP’s logo, our green and golden-brown capital P, represents the company’s goals and visions. Our iconic logo mirrors PHILOMAXCAP’s authority and industry-leading status.

The upper green part of our logo associates with reaching the ultimate goal. This means that PHILOMAXCAP will realise maximum performance in its business, build business networks of the highest quality and generate promising business opportunities in the market. The colour of green carries significance for vigorous spirit and positive momentum, presenting the fact that corporate culture stresses unity and perseverance in order to achieve corporate targets.

The bottom golden-brown part of the logo represents a hand supporting the upper parts of the logo, symbolising the nurturing and complementing nature of PHILOMAXCAP. It represents the everlasting adaptability and strength of a corporation that is capable of producing all kinds of cooperative market resolutions whilst building a platform for shared resource. The colour of golden brown depicts the water element and the source of life, reflecting that corporate creativity is one of the cores to occupy market advantages.

In the centre of PHILOMAXCAP’s logo lies a leaf. It symbolises an endless life cycle. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “every particular of nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, or a moment of time, is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole”. In order to improve the quality of life, we must build and maintain a living ecosystem which collects resources from every part of the world, leading to comprehensive perfection.

The letter ‘i’ in PHILOMAXCAP’s name is presented as a lowercase letter, accentuating modesty and humility. PHILOMAXCAP considers all types of suggestions and solutions with an open heart. PHILOMAXCAP’s investment and financing solutions assist investors to improve their quality of life and generate stable development towards success for them with passion, patience, discipline, and integrity.

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