Core Values

As world-renowned management guru Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Corporate culture is the foundation of the survival and development of an organisation. This core part of PHILOMAXCAP’s DNA is made up of our core values.

PHILOMAXCAP’s core values can be derived from the eight letters spelling PHILOMAX. These core values represent the personal abilities we strive for and are embedded in our way of thinking, no matter our role – a shareholder, director, leader, manager or executive.

Passionate but patient

Every strategy is driven by an inherent passion, but never compromised by hastiness. We are committed to achieving our vision and goals with enthusiasm, excitement and taking efficient actions whilst showing patience and rationality in every undertaken step.

Habits of self-discipline

As the foundation to build a good corporate culture and to shape a credible brand image from top to bottom, from shareholders, directors, managers, to executives, we rely on our self-awareness and discipline to accomplish our goals at each stage. We are assertive and vigorously generate profitable results while upholding the principles of self-required responsibilities. We also actively guide our investor community to develop self-management awareness and habits in order to continuously gain benefits from investments.


Whether it is a shareholder, director, manager, executive, or our investor community, we establish relationships built on trust and integrity, and fulfil corporate commitment with all our partners and units based on our reliability and truthfulness.

Learn your investment portfolio

Aside from educating our shareholders and employees with respect to PHILOMAXCAP’S investment plans and designs, we also educate our investment community such that our investors clearly understand the potential and trends of the related corporate projects they invest in.


Although an airplane that deviated from its initial flight path will most-likely arrive at its destination, it will never reach all of the goals it set. To run a business, we must know exactly where we want to go . ‘Starting with the End in Mind’ will always be our principle. This principle ensures us that we know what to do and how to do it. Additionally, our objective-oriented business approach helps us to achieve our goals without wasting time and resources.

Maximised results

Developing a strong foundation and control are at the core in the functioning of an enterprise. We can minimise costs and maximise performance gains only through perfect management processes, plans, strategies, follow-ups, executions and reviews.

Alignment of words and actions

Fulfilling the promises we make is what we value most at PHILOMAXCAP. Growth, trust and credibility are only achieved through results mirroring the goals that were set. The plans, goals and guidelines we set must be achieved over time through expertise, teamwork and wise use of resources. Integrity and credibility only can be achieved when our goal becomes reality.

eXcel collectively with an entrepreneurial mindset

What is the primary attitude of entrepreneurs? What is the primary spirit of entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs must have the primary attitude of responsibility and the spirit of perseverance and commitment. PHILOMAXCAP is owned by all its shareholders. Not only do we play our own role well, we also move forward together pursuing common goals in a responsible and committed manner.